SnowBirds Home Watch


We are Pete and Monica Carter, owners and operators of SnowBirds Home Watch, and we believe in developing a REAL relationship and comfortable rapport with you, the homeowner!

When you call us, we come to your home in person to get to know you and to customize a plan for you and your needs. We take great pride in providing exceptional service for all of our clients. We work as a team while performing our detailed service checks on your home, and we will be the only two people entering your home when hiring us!

We are licensed, insured and bonded; and we are ready and able to serve you, the homeowner, with all of your home watch needs.

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Co-owner Pete Carter is a trusted and reliable licensed contractor with 30 years of experience. He has had FBI clearance in building and overseeing the completion of everything from hospitals to universities, police stations and airports. Pete has developed a long and loyal following of clients and Realtors in the West Palm Beach area.

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Co-owner Monica Carter is a licensed Realtor experienced in home inspections. She works together with Pete in performing home service checks as well as taking care of all administrative tasks for SnowBirds Home Watch.

We started SnowBirds Home Watch because we believed that a company like ours was a necessity in the West Palm Beach area. As a Realtor, I’ve seen too many unoccupied homes with mold problems due to leaks or the air conditioner shutting off while the homeowner is out of town. Mold grows quickly in our humidity, and the homeowner is blissfully unaware of what’s going on until they come back weeks or months later. Something that started out as just a simple leak or the AC going out, that could have been fixed at a minimal cost, has now escalated to a major renovation.  We wanted to stop this from happening and alleviate homeowners’ worries once and for all.”  — Monica


“We were once contacted by an out-of-state homeowner to go check their house, because their electric bill seemed very high. We found the problem out at the pool. Their pool heater had kicked on during a power outtage and hadn’t turned off. Their pool temperature was 106 degrees!” — Pete