SnowBirds Home Watch


Why Hire A Home Watch Service?

If you own a home in Florida, you know what a tropical paradise it truly is! However, Florida’s humidity and rainy season can cause issues with mold, power outages and mechanical failures. Left unattended, minor issues like a small leak can quickly become major renovations. In the event of long absences, many insurance companies may dispute or deny property claims when homes are left unattended and/or unmonitored for extended periods of time.

SnowBirds Home Watch performs a variety of services to meet your needs. We methodically inspect your home and complete a detailed inspection report after each visit. We strive to develop a personal relationship with each homeowner to give them complete peace of mind.


Fotosearch_k6376902Our basic home watch service consists of weekly interior and exterior inspections of your home, garage, pool, and landscaping to ensure all aspects of your property are well maintained.


shutterstock_259895771SnowBirds Home Watch offers hurricane services to help protect your home before the storm. Afterwards, we will assess any  damages sustained to your property and alert you immediately!


Hammer, nails, saw and folding ruler on woodDo you want small repairs or maintenance issues taken care of while out of town? SnowBirds Home Watch offers concierge services so that you can come back home and relax!